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Another Occultation by (3200) Phaethon in Europe - 2019 Oct 25

The minor planet (3200) Phaethon is a NEO and was choosen as target for a flyby of the space probe Destinty+ of the japanese space agency JAXA. Therefore an observation of this occultation is very important to obtain precise astrometric data. Phaethon is the parent body of the Geminids meteors.
Due to the short duration of the event video observations with a high time resolution are essential. Try to avoid any integration of frames in the camera if possible with your equipment.

The following prediction is based on the latest JPL Horizons solution 711. Details and a global summary of occultations by (3200) Phaethon are listed at David Dunham’s webpage:

Please check predictions by Steve Preston (IOTA) for any last minute updates!

TYC 3268-00276-1 on 2019 Oct 25, 22:20 UT

RA: 01 15 58.7002 DE: +46 53 00.816
(Astrometric position with proper motion and parallax to date of event)
Star V mag 11.3 B mag 12.5
The shadow will cross Ukraine, Slowakia, Hungary, Slowenia, Italy and moves on to Morocco.
Projected path width: 5 km
In the moment of an occultation the combined light of asteroid and star will drop by 5.6 mag (V), 5.8 mag (R).

Path map based on Steve Preston’s prediction of 2019 Oct 10:


About the map:
The path was predicted by Steve Preston, IOTA, at 2019 Oct 10. The green line is the centre line, the blue lines indicate the path limits, and the red lines the 1-sigma-limit. The occultation will occur between the two red lines with a probability of 68 %. (Map data: © 2019 GeoBasis-DE/BKG, (©2009), Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional)
Link to Steve Preston’s prediction with path ccordinates:

Path map with zoom function is available on Derek C. Breit’s web page:

Successful Observations of Phaeton
IOTA was successful in measuring an occultation by (3200) Phaethon on 2019 July 29 in the US.

A profile of this observation campaign is available here:

Good luck with your observation!

Please send your observation reports to:

Oliver Klös
IOTA/ES, Public Relations